The Global Green MBA Ranking examines the integration of sustainability into the curriculums of leading business schools around the world. The purpose of this study is to highlight innovation in sustainability initiatives, to promote program development and to further the integration of sustainability into the MBA experience.

Top 30 Schools

We have scored the top business schools in three categories: faculty-led initiatives, student-led initiatives, and coursework. These institutions are working hard to provide the future leaders of the global corporate world with tools to address pressing societal and environmental issues, and to assert CSR and business ethics as common-practice in the workplace.

Top 10 Small Schools

Smaller program size presents the opportunity for students to cultivate their individual strengths by building strong connections with faculty and peers. Understanding that smaller schools should be assessed on their own merits, our Top 10 list recognizes the leading green MBA programs with under 100 graduates.

Where the Top 30 Global Green MBA schools are located around the globe.

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Charity Consultancy Project

The Charity Consultancy Project at Durham University Business School gives students the opportunity to design a marketing campaign for local charities. Students benefit from the development of leadership and consultancy skills, while bringing economic solutions and support to the community. Students participate in an interactive skills workshop in preparation for the consultancy.


Sustainable Cities Initiative

At the University of Oregon, faculty and students are taking a hands-on approach to greening their cities through the Sustainable Cities Initiative. This year, a business school project saved the City of Salem over $1 million US by expanding the use of a methane digester. The University is sponsoring conferences in hopes of spreading the initiative to other universities across the United States.